"If it's provable we can kill it."
Or, why not to fix what isn't broken
Published on March 6, 2008 By EmperorofIceCream In Misc

Yes, I know it's free.

Yes, I know it's our Local God's house and he can do anything he likes, to anyone he likes, whenever he likes.

Are you listening, Our Little God? I know all that.


Your redecoration sucks. Yes, it's your house. But why paint the walls a yellow-green whose only known equivalent is babyshit?

Your reorganization sucks. What before was relatively clear is now pointlessly complex. What before could be readily undersood is now hopelessly obscure. The front page was never particularly pretty, but it was easy to read and navigate, and it wasn't padded with advertisements for products I don't want. If I want something from Microsoft I'll go to Microsoft's site - without prompting from you.

Yes, it's your house. But you built it as more than a reflection of your own ego, I hope, and if that's true you built it to be attractive. So don't get all pissy and knicker-knotted over criticism from one of the people you invited here. If it wan't pretty before it's now Quosimodo's uglier and less charming brother. It's uglier, slower, less intuitive - and it's become infinitely less interesting, into the bargain.

Yes, it's your house. And it's become infested by a species of intellectual pygmy rodents incapable of doing more than masturbate their egos in public. If it's your house, little God, keep it clean. Instead of letting your moderators bitch about the presence of the word 'Dick' in a title, make sure that JU and the dweeb-heaven of WinCustomize are kept separate. If you must discuss such uninteresting stuff do it on your own damn site and let the real people talk with each other. You may think you're the most interesting thing on earth, and your wretched productions to be the equivalent of high art, but I promise you you're wrong.

(And by the way, and just as an aside, your game sucks too).

I'm entirely certain that Our Little King will get his knickers in a knot over this and exile me in consequence. That might have troubled me - if this wretched bollocks of a site hadn't proven to be such a disappointment.

Yes, it's your house, little God. And you'll shortly be sat in it all alone (except for the denizens of WinCustomize and others of their ilk, who'll happily tell you what a success you are). Any number of people who think exactly as you do.

And wasn't that the point, all along.


Bye bye, little God. Enjoy yourself.

on Mar 06, 2008
Now THAT is a bash JU post.
on Mar 06, 2008
I like the color scheme. I think blue and chocolate brown look good together. The changes have been sort of hard for me to figure out, but I'm getting used to it.

Just wish more people were posting.
on Mar 06, 2008
LOL. Must be! Seriously, it looks chocolate brown and sort of a robin's egg blue to me. Not bad at all.
on Mar 06, 2008

We do actually have plans for themes and alternative color sets.  They're just in a later phase of the project.

I think people aren't realizing that this is an ongoing process, we're not launching the site and then abandoning it for another 5 years like we did the first time.  We have a huge list of features we're going to be adding in over the next several months.

And it doesn't help when people go "I hate it" and aren't specific on what they don't like, or how they'd like it changed.  It's like someone coming up to you and declaring they do not like your shirt.  What about it don't they like?  The color?  The style?  The length of the sleeves?  The logo or image on the front?  Are they offended by cotton?  With such a general statement, it's practically useless and we can't do anything to address it.

On two points:

Web ads... deal.  It's an expensive site, we have to cover costs.  Subscriptions won't work because there aren't enough users yet to carry the load.

Cross-posted content from WC... deal.  The cross pollination of posts between our sites has been intentional from the very start.  It's how the system is designed.  It's that way for a very good reason.  It's not changing.  To you the WC users are dweebs, to them JU folks are ignorant hate-filled jerks.

on Mar 06, 2008
JU folks are ignorant hate-filled jerks.

 ( ...but....but...what did I do?    

on Mar 06, 2008

JU folks are ignorant hate-filled jerks.  ...but....but...what did I do?    ~Zoo

I don't think they like the cut of your jib.... Or maye it's the way you comb your hair? 

on Mar 06, 2008
I don't think they like the cut of your jib.... Or maye it's the way you comb your hair?

But I like my jib and hair...I take pride in them. *sigh*... ( 

on Mar 06, 2008

Here is a specific I would really like back. The blog index so I can find people. Even if you just put back the order of blogs, like from the top ten down to whatever the last number is.  This way I could find people or blogs I don't get to read on a regular basis.

on Mar 08, 2008

So. I admit that when I wrote this I was pissed at rather more than JU. I also admit that some of the changes are helpful.

That doesn't mean I like it, approve of it, or think of it as a success. I don't. Neither am I interested in the opinions of moderators. You suck the dick of our local God because he pays your wages. Nothing you have to say has any validity beyond that fact.

If you must make a whore of yourself in public do it where I can't see you. Nothing you have to say to me is worth the bytes it takes up.


I believe our local deity has been whining because not enough people to satisfy his ego have provided concrete suggestions.

I have one. Shut this shit down. End JU. Get rid of it. Because at least then the rest of the internet community won't be at risk of witnessing the excesses of your masturbatory self-satisfaction.


Yes, it's your house, motherfucker. And you've made a total bollix of it. You created this site, you pathetic money-grubbing dweeb, in order to tell you how wonderful you are. The only people presently writing here are a perfect reflection of your own desire: ego-maniacal, ignorant, but very proficient in promoting the explanation of reality that most appeals to you.

As i said before, little God - enjoy what you have created.

Oh, and before I forget. What do I want to see in the way of improvements? I want whatever collection of rubbernecked technodweeb retards you made responsible for the unmitigated catastrophe you and they have visited on this site to be fired; I want every change you've made to be unmade; and I want the site I opriginally joined to be returned to the state it occupied before you decided to fuck it up.

How is it you and these people manage to make money? You're a bunch of fucking idiots.

on Mar 08, 2008



on Mar 10, 2008

Look I know the entire article is unreasonable. There are four puppies in my life that I can kick: my wife, the two dogs, or JU2 as I suppose it will inevitably be known. So I spent a little time kicking at JU - it was fun, and you deserve it.

However, being unreasonable doesn't mean I'm wrong - just unreasonable. But when have I been anything else?

on Mar 10, 2008
However, being unreasonable doesn't mean I'm wrong - just unreasonable. But when have I been anything else?

I would just hate to see you fuck around and get banned. JU ~ahem~ 2 needs a little of your brand of "unreasonable-ness" I think every now and then -makes things more interesting. I can only read so much Obama-Hillary-skinning-widgit-dreams-wallpapers-docks-yay Jesus! et cetera hoo-ha for so long, ya know...